BOA is a private debt collection company which working activily in Azerbaijan starting from 2012. 

BOA Debt Collection will commissioned to recover debt on behalf of businesses, individuals, local authorities, credit institutions and the Government. Our work is carried out before a claim reaches court. Debt Collection involves tracing missing debtors, collecting debts owed by individual consumers, collecting money from businesses that owe money to other businesses. Where debts cannot immediately be settled, the debt collector will often advise debtors on their particular payment problems and obstacles in order to work towards a resolution before legal proceedings are taken.

BOA Debt Collection will collect payments owed by individuals or businesses on behalf of creditors for a fee or a percentage of the amount owed. Creditors can include banks, building societies, utility providers and Government departments, as well as smaller, private businesses such as retailers, manufacturers or firms providing professional services.

We may purchase debts from creditors at reduced value in order to make a profit when we collect the full value of the debt from the debtor.