How we work

Persuading the debtor remotely to settle the debt

The communication between the collector and the debtor is remote and in the form of phone-calls, SMS and email messages as well as letters. The repeated reminders to repay the debt often work their desired psychological effect on the debtor. If the debtor accommodates then a specialist of the agency helps the debtor select the most mutually acceptable repayment scenario. If the debtor ignores such reminders or refuses categorically to repay the debt, then the collector notifies the debtor that there are other possible scenarios and warns the debtor about possible consequences.

Debtor information collection

This is done drawing from the information obtained from the customer as well from our own database. In order to determine the property status of the debtor, the salary payment dates and to obtain other information the collectors send inquiries to the debtor’s employer. The psychological portrait of the debtor is made up in order that the most suitable action scenario can be developed. A specialist of the agency examines the debt origination circumstances and identifies the motivation behind the debtor’s refusal to repay. The understanding of the psychology of the debtor provides for selection of efficient motivation methods to be applied to persuade the debtor to honour his/her obligations to the creditor before the matter lands in the court.

Meeting the debtor in person

If the remote methods of persuasion do not work their effect on the debtor then a specialist of the agency will negotiate in a personal meeting with him/her, either at his/her place of abode or registration or at his/her place of work.

Legal proceedings      

If the debtor absconds or ignores the collectors’ warnings, then, upon agreement with the customer, the employees of the agency will initiate a court case. The sufficient relevant experience enables the agency to get suitable court verdicts in even the most difficult situations and thus recover the bad debts for its partners.